Thursday, 8 September 2011

User image not displaying in a sharepoint 2007 site

Few days back an issue was reported to me that in a sharepoint site under all people page for some of the users the image was not being shown up although they have uploaded the same.
It was coming like this:

I checked all synchronization jobs, removed the user from site collection and added again but no progress was there. I finally started comparing this with another user whose picture was coming properly. I compared a profile properties but there was no improvement. I checked permissions and  all things I could have checked but no improvement. Finally I could not believe that this was just a folder issue.

I saw that the image of the second person was uploaded in a folder named as profile pictures under shared picture library of his mysite. However when I compared the same for the first user I found that it was uploaded directly into the shared picture library. Hence I created a folder there with the name profile pictures and uploaded the image over there and the issue got resolved. The image started showing correctly in all people page.

I hope this will help you out.

Rahul Rashu

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