Saturday, 8 September 2012

How to find the size of a subsite in Sharepoint 2010


Recently a requirement was posted with me where the site administrators wanted to determine the size of their subsites as well and not only for the entire site collection or content database. The size of the content database can be determined easily and same for the site collection. However there was no direct way for the subsites. Hence I had to find out an alternative way for the same and after some research I found a way. The steps are as below:
1. Open any document library of the site which is one level up in site hierarchy for the subsite in concern.
2. In the ribbon select Library--> Open with Windows Explorer.
3. Now a windows explorer will open pointing to that document library. Now navigate to the site level.
4. This will show all the folder available under the site select the folder that corresponds to your site subsite in concern.
5. Right click and select properties. This will display the size.

I hope this will help you out.