Saturday, 24 March 2012

How to edit a list item by clicking on its title in Sharepoint 2007


I received a request from someone to modify a list view in such a manner that if some click on the title of the item it should take him to the edit page instead of display page. After some work with sharepoint designer I was able to mange it in few steps. Here are the steps needs to be followed in this case:
1. Open the site in sharepoint designer.
2. Navigate down to the list where you want to do the modification.
3. Then open the view in sharepoint designer by double clicking on it.
4. Now right click on the area of list viewer webpart and click the option to Convert to XSLT data view.
5. Now click on the section of title as shown

6. This will also select the portion in code part. There you will get a code portion as :
href="{$URL_Display}?ID={@ID}" onclick="GoToPage('{$URL_Display}?ID={@ID}')

7. Now just change it to:
href="{$URL_Edit}?ID={@ID}" onclick="GoToPage('{$URL_Edit}?ID={@ID}')
8. Save the page and you are ready to go.
9. Now if you click on title you will be taken to Edit form instead of dispform .

I hope this will help you out.

Rahul Rashu

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