Sunday, 8 January 2012

Access Denied By Business Data Connectivity Error in Using External Content Type List in Sharepoint 2010


Recently an issue was reported to me where a site administrator tried to use a table in sql server as an external content source. He was able to create the external content type based on this and had defined all CRUD operations. He also created a list based on this external content type however when he was trying to access this list he got this error:

This was throwing an access denied error message by Business Data Connectivity. It was a clear indication of the problem and I resolved this by following steps:

1. Login into central administrator and click on "Manage Service Applications"

2.  Now click on Business Data Connectivity Services :

3. Now check the External Content Type that was created and click on Set Object Permissions:

4. Now add the user and grant permissions as shown and click OK and you are ready to go:

I hope this will help you out:

Rahul Rashu


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