Saturday, 8 October 2011

How To Add HTML content into content editor webpart in Sharepoint 2010.

Recently someone asked me how to add HTML content into Content Editor webpart since they were unable to find this option in SPS 2010 as they were used to MOSS 2007.
I am sharing these steps here as well since it may help others as well.
If you add a content editor webpart in a page and then if you try to edit it you will find this

Unlike MOSS 2007 you will not get the option of adding HTML in a source editor.
To add HTML content you need these steps:
1.       Select the text area in the webpart as shown in the screenshot below:

2.       Now have a look into the ribbon under editing tools. You will get an option to insert HTML.

3.       Now you will get a screen like this.

4.       Now you can proceed further.
 I hope this will help you out.
Rahul Rashu

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