Friday, 12 August 2011

How to copy lists greater than 10 MB containing attachments in sharepoint 2007


I have seen people struggling to copy lists among different sites because their size is more than 10 MB and it contains attachments. This 10MB size is a hard limitation for creating list templates, hence list templates can not be created with data in such cases.There is an option of create a blank template and once restored to the destination site as list use spreadsheet views to transfer the data, however this can not be done with the list containing attachments since attachments can not be copied through spreadsheet. So to copy such lists we can follow these steps:

1. If the list is to copied in any site within the same site collection:
a) Save the list as a template without data.
b)Create a list at the destination site using this template.
c) Use site manager to copy the data. To do this add _layouts/sitemanager.aspx to the URL of your source site.
d) This will open up the site manager(Manage content and structure).Now in the left panel you will find t\a node in the broken site representing your site. You need to reach to your list in this panel and once you reach there click on it.
e) This will now show up your list items in the right panel. Now you can select these items and then you can go to action --> Copy.
f) Now a pop up window will open that will again enlist nodes of all sites in the site collection. You need to reach the site where your destination blank list is created and also to the destination blank list.
g) Once you reach there click on it and allow this pop up to reload.
h) Then you need to click on OK and done.

2. When you are copying the list between 2 sites in different site collection:
a) In this case some additional steps needs to be done.
b) Take STSADM export of the source site. Refer this:
c) Now import this in somewhere in the destination site location:
You can refer this
d) Now you can follow the steps for copying as described in the first step.
e) Once you are completed you can delete this copied site.

I hope this will help you out.

Rahul Rashu

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